• Apparel and accessories for dog mamas and their dogs. T shirts with dog mama detail.

    About us


    We are two sisters, Nicola and Stevey and this is our small business that we have grown out of our love for dogs, especially our own Donnie a Pom x Bischon Frise and Honey a Shihzu x Cavalier.

    Four years ago we sadly and unexpectedly lost a loved one and was in need of finding some joy in our lives again. Although, we knew getting our dogs would never replace our loss, they did help to fill a heart-breaking void. We didn’t know how much we needed them, until the slippers had all been destroyed and toilet rolls shredded (unfortunately a habit, which-neither of them have outgrown). Our lives truly have more purpose since becoming proud dog-mamas. The days are filled with walkies, muddy paws, zoomie spectating and fetch and we are loving every tail wagging moment. Being a dog mama, to us, is a lifestyle, it’s a vocation chosen with the heart. Our dogs are our family and we love them immeasurably.

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