The lighter brighter days are coming. The season is changing, and we have loved having our days filled with the pastel hues of the brighter skies. Inspired by the all the hues that Mother Nature has to offer we are excited to announce the launch of new colours to our tees and sweater collection. Having already sold out and restocked the lilac dog mama sweater we are identifying this as our colour of inspiration and hope - Spring is on its way.

Before we indulge in a feast of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. We have the month of love to celebrate, and we are all for embracing self-love. Doing things we love, with those we love, especially our dogs, Donnie & Honey.  Self-love = a dog mama wardrobe overhaul and we have added our new sweaters to our personal collection and have been proudly wearing our dog mama sweaters when visiting our favourite dog friendly venues. The Watchhouse being one of them as it’s our local dog friendly coffee spot. The staff are su-paw friendly, always offering our fur babies, a calm and welcoming environment. Plus, there is a doggie biscuit thrown in for good measure.


We love our walkies taking in our favourite London landmarks, especially Tower Bridge, although it does get very chilly this time of year, so we are sure to layer up in our favourite tees and sweaters. Our mamas also make sure we are safe by ensuring we are wearing our dog tags, as we are so precious to them. After a day being doggy socialites, we love to snuggle up and get cosy and we have found the ultimate blankets for our fur babies. The wonderful team behind SnoozyMoo have created the dog blanket of all dreams dog blanket. The blankets are weighted for comfort, as well as, to help eliminate anxiety. Paw-fect for those cosy moments after a day of adventure.

Going on adventures with our fur babies is our favourite hobby, where we go our fur babies go. The lovely team at have embraced the whole ethos of dogs as family members,  and ensure that dog parents are never short of places to visit. They also via their app have ways to book dog friendly travel. Highly recommend checking them out.

Wherever, you go with your fur baby, we wish you joyful memory making moments

Lots of woofs,

Nicola, Donnie, Stevey & Honey


Discover and book dog friendly venues and services WagIt: dog bookings made easy! 

For all your cosy wants and needs @snoozymoo.pets 


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