The magic is happening behind the scenes (and a biscuit robbery masterplan)

Hello, We are back doing what we love, creating ideas for new designs, however, one of the CEO’s Aka Donnie, has other ideas and is busy planning the great biscuit robbery.

However , the other CEO’s when not eating biscuits, are busy planning bringing vivid, colour pop designs. Some designs will be re-created and some will be new. Not revealing too much yet , but we hope you love what we will launch, as much as we love the process of the initial idea to bringing our designs to life.

Did you know that we also love to work with and support other small businesses, as there are so many talented small business owners out there that deserve celebrating too. We already have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline. So if you are a small business owner that would love to work with us we would love to hear from you, please email

Currently we are looking for someone that can knit and or use a sewing machine, so please contact us as we’d love to discuss our ideas with you. We are all about supporting small and building the small business community so if you share this value, do please contact us.

Happy Tuesday 


Nicola Donnie, Stevey & Honey 


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